"I have known Lynn for 16 years. He is honest even to a fault -
          meaning he will always tell the truth even if it does not paint a pretty picture for himself.
          He is genuine, he is likeable, he is happy, he is humble, He is very knowledgeable and very responsive and someone that I trust completely.
          He is just a terrific guy." - Scott Haymore 13Oct2008
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Selling a property

Thanks for visiting Boomerang Real Estate. If you are visiting this website we hope you are looking for a REALTOR that can assist you in marketing, negotiating and completing important paperwork, and ultimately selling your property.

We believe in RESULTS. Boomerang Real Estate does not want to just list your property and spend time, energy and money with old fashioned or out dated marketing that now produces little to no results. We want to sell your property by focusing on where results happen. To be plain and simple We want to sell your property quickly using effective marketing.

(1) REALTOR Marketing Alliance or RMA Marketing:
(2) WFRMLS - Wasatch Front Regional Multiple Listing Service:
(3) Banner Signs:

REALTOR Marketing Alliance or RMA Marketing: RMA Marketing is Revolutionary Marketing
Statistically over 80% of all properties sold on the MLS had a seperate agent to represent buyer and seller.
What this means is that the most effort should be spent marketing to other agents.
The most effective way to sell a property is to price it right. Overpricing helps properties that are priced right sell quicker. Boomerang Real Estate also markets with an RMA. In addition to offering an agent a commission to bring a ready willing and able buyer, RMA marketing goes one step further to help REALTORS remember your property. RMA marketing compensates ALL qualifying agents who SHOW your property and providing feedback about what their buyer thought of the property. Approximately 25% of the commission that will be paid to Boomerang Real Estate will be paid to those agents who provide feedback and participate in the RMA. Why should RMA matter to you? Now for the FIRST TIME ever REALTORS have the opportunity to show homes and receive compensation as long as they provide feedback about the property.

WFRMLS - Wasatch Front Regional Multiple Listing Service:
Your property will be added to the wfrmls.com website where the majority of real estate professionals are members of. This is instant marketing to real estate professionals who may have a buyer to make an offer on your property. In addition to letting the agents know about property. This information AUTOMATICALLY updates on each company website where BUYERS may come to search for homes.

Banner Signs: Boomerang banners signs are far superior to traditional arm signs.
(1) The larger print is easier to read and remember when driving by a Boomerang Real Estate banner sign.
(2) Banner Signs are unique - They draw attention to your home.
(3) A Banner sign is one more reason to help a potential buyer remember your home.

Since late 1997 the Broker at Boomerang Real Estate spends 10-15 hours per month studying the real estate market in Utah County. Boomerang Real Estate recognizes what is happening in the market. If the market were FALLING wouldn’t you want to know, so you can net the most money possible? If the market were RISING wouldn’t you want to know, so you can net the most money possible?

Since we know the market we are tough negotiators: Because we understand what is happening in the market, we do not have to guess when it comes to negotiations. Because we understand the market, we can show a potential buyer the value of your property. Often with over 80% of property being sold by another agent, the other agent needs as much convincing as the buyer does. We can show the buyers agent where the value is in your home. The buyers agent with my help can help convince their client to proceed forward in purchasing your property.

Boomerang Real Estate has experience. We have been involved in buying and selling property, property management and 1031 tax deferred exchanges since 2004.