"I have known Lynn for 16 years. He is honest even to a fault -
          meaning he will always tell the truth even if it does not paint a pretty picture for himself.
          He is genuine, he is likeable, he is happy, he is humble, He is very knowledgeable and very responsive and someone that I trust completely.
          He is just a terrific guy." - Scott Haymore 13Oct2008
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My goal is to pay over 100% commission to real estate agents who work with me.

My idea is simple.

Investing in real estate is the best and wisest decision we can make.

With a small portion of your commission check and a small portion
of other agents commission checks enough money can be saved to purchase investment property.
Over time from the investment property we all can receive more money.

Would you like an excellent commission split and the opportunity to work
together with other agents to increase your commission to more than 100%?

Boomerang Real Estate Commission Schedule
Real Estate Agents pay $89 per month in Agent dues.
- 2 months will be FREE the Agent's birthday month
and December because of Christmas.

Agent Split 90.0% Office Split 10.0%
Agent also pays 2% of the total commission per transaction as a transaction fee.

The 10.0% office split will be used to purchase rental property.
The income and appreciation from rental properties is how
Boomerang Real Estate can pay agents more than 100% commission

Video link: CLICK HERE