"I have known Lynn for 16 years. He is honest even to a fault -
          meaning he will always tell the truth even if it does not paint a pretty picture for himself.
          He is genuine, he is likeable, he is happy, he is humble, He is very knowledgeable and very responsive and someone that I trust completely.
          He is just a terrific guy." - Scott Haymore 13Oct2008
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Boomerang Real Estate Agents are tough negotiators. We regularly study the market and understand what the true value of a property is. Our Broker has developed a formula that takes 3-4 hours of research to determine exactly what other similar properties have sold for that compares amenities, lot value, style and sqft. with the property you are considering making an offer on. Also, We have worked in property management since 1998 and understand the costs of repairing or replacing items that are old or not working. When you hire a Boomerang Real Estate Agent, you get an agent of someone who knows and understands value.

In addition to researching what a property should sell for we can search the county records and find out information about the home you are interested in. I can find out, if the sellers are delinquent on payments, how long they have owned the property, if they have a mortgage, approximate balance of their mortgage, and other helpful information.

When We look at a home, We not only look at the home you want to buy we will look for seller signals to give us information about why the sellers may be selling to help with negotiations.

Lynn Pickett Owner/Broker showed a home a few years ago that his clients really liked. He researched what the sellers owed on the property and knew what the seller would need to net to get out from under the mortgage. He also discovered that the seller had a large boat in the garage. He suggested to his client that if the seller had such a large boat that they might be even willing to bring some money to the closing table to keep their toys. The offer was made the sellers accepted and the seller brought money to closing to finish the deal. The buyers bought the property for $20,400 less than original list price and the buyer paid less than the sellers paid for the property previously. FYI - Our research showed the home was priced fair to begin with, we just felt the sellers were motivated. Oh by the way, the year was 2004 before the market had overheated.