"I have known Lynn for 16 years. He is honest even to a fault -
          meaning he will always tell the truth even if it does not paint a pretty picture for himself.
          He is genuine, he is likeable, he is happy, he is humble, He is very knowledgeable and very responsive and someone that I trust completely.
          He is just a terrific guy." - Scott Haymore 13Oct2008
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Is Real Estate Investing for You?

Real Estate is a business and it should be treated as one.
Sadly many income producing properties are not treated as a business.
Landlords often fail to plan and as the saying goes.
Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

Boomerang Real Estate wants to help owners establish a business plan and a realistic budget that is specialized to your needs and investment goals.

Problem areas for most Landlords:
Finding quality tenants
Having a realistic maintenance budget
Having the discipline to save for future maintenance
Landlords spending too much of their free time performing maintenance
Understanding what maintenance should be done first
Dealing with the personalities of some tenants
Not knowing how to work with a contractor
Over improving a property
Understanding market rents
Contracts and contract negotiations