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What are others saying about Boomerang Real Estate?


Lynn is scrupulously honest, which is nice to know since he works in a field which can be so cut-throat that people sometimes act a bit shady in order to get ahead. Lynn has helped us out both as a property manager and a realtor, and we have always felt 100% confident that he was putting our best interests first, rather than his own. He has given us great advice in both these areas, and we know he never tried to sugar coat things in order to push us into decisions that wouldn't have served us well. We trust Lynn.

As a property manager, Lynn is extremely diligent and thorough in helping us get good renters. Because of his careful screening, we haven't had problems with a single renter (this is over 3/1/2 years in a duplex 4/24/14). He also manages any problems that arise with our property, saving us tons of hassle. He keeps us as in-the-loop as we choose to be. Generally, we like to know what's going on, but for owners who want to stay hands-off, he can just go ahead and handle everything.

We feel very comfortable recommending Lynn both as a realtor and a property manager. He does a great job!

Robbyn and Craig


When I was experiencing problems with my property manager, I was referred to Lynn Pickett; that was 13 years ago (4/24/14).
Since then Lynn Pickett has done a superb job not only as property manager, but as real estate agent and good friend. Lynn Pickett is the real deal. He takes care of my properties as if they were his own.
I have other rental properties in other states and Lynn Pickett is the best.
If you're looking for a property manager you can trust, you can trust Lynn Pickett.



Because of Lynn Pickett I literally never have to worry about my investment properties. He handles it all from soup to nuts. His reporting is comprehensive, so I know the pulse of each property and can rest easy knowing the health of my investments without getting involved in the day-to-day management.



Lynn at Boomerang Real Estate has rendered very attentive service and sage advice to me on the purchase, preparation, and renting of a single family home investment property. I really appreciate Lynn's seasoned perspective of what a fair deal is and of finding the right tenants for my property. Lynn has been key to making my investment a winning proposition."

David. Orem, UT


About 5 years ago, I flew to Utah to purchase an investment property. I was working with a local real estate agent who showed me several properties and I ended up purchasing a brand new condo in Pleasant Grove and flew back to California. I really needed someone who can take care of this property locally. Among a few property managers that were recommended to me, I felt good about Lynn and he has been a trustworthy, constant, honest agent ever since. He takes care of the property 100% from collecting rents, repairs, contract renewals and all other. It has been a stress free investment for me and I will seek his advise when the time comes to reinvest the property".

C.H. Mallory


If it were not for Lynn (or Boomerang), I would not be able to handle being a property owner with the constant demand of the tenants. All the phone calls, demands, repairs, up keep, finding renters and rent collecting rents would drive me insane.I am tremendously grateful that he is there to pick up the slack where my skills end. Lynn also does a really good job of batting for the tenant as well as the owner when conflicts arise - he is very reasonable, and fair."

I have Boomerang for every property I have bought or sold since meeting Lynn Pickett. He is not the typical "saleman" type realtor. He is very straight forward with the positive and the negative. Numerous times he has helped talked people out of a sale (and losing the commission) because he was able to be honest with them. I would far rather trust my realtor and face disappointing news than have a realtor that only says what he/she thinks I want to hear and end up spending a lot of money on a regret. Lynn will always have my business."

As a structural engineer, I have been hired by Lynn Pickett to verify the structural stability of some of the buildings he was buying or selling. I have been impressed with his desire to find out what is best for the client as well as with his practical approach to buildings. Lynn is a good one to have in your corner."



Lynn has managed our long-distance condo for many years. He has always been reliable and promptly responsive to any requests or inquiries I had. He has handled our property with professional skill and personal helpfulness. I would recommend his services without reservation.

Cynthia C. Nielsen


I have known Lynn for 16 years. He is honest even to a fault - meaning he will always tell the truth even if it does not paint a pretty picture for himself. He is genuine, he is likeable, he is happy, he is humble, he is very knowledgeable and very responsive and someone that I trust completely. He is just a terrific guy. - Scott Haymore 13Oct2008


We have used Boomerang Real Estate for several years to manage our rental property. It could not be easier. They take out all the hard work and annoyances of renting our home. Boomerang Real Estate find the renters, screens them, deals with any of their issues, and handles or contracts out all of the repairs. Every month they email us out a summary of our earnings and costs and deposits the money we have earned into our bank account reliably and on-time. I spend very little time worrying about our rental unit and know it is in good hands with Boomerang Real Estate.